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Sep 17, 2019

This week, Cat kicks of Latin American Heritage Month with Fabrizio Copano (Netflix en Espanol, Comedy Central)!  Together they dive into a story of Chile; a country that never gives up hope.

Sep 9, 2019

This week, Cat & Jackie Kashian (Conan, The Dork Forest, The Jackie & Laurie Show) cover one of the worst history has to offer: Cambodian dictator, Pol Pot. 

Sep 2, 2019

Welcome back to Villains of History!  We kick off Season 2 with good ole Richard Nixon, and this week's guest from Conan and the Netflix show "Cooking on High".

Jun 24, 2019

In the Villains of History Season 1 Finale, Cat teams up with Daniel Franzese from the teen classic, Mean Girls, to tell the story of Fred Phelps, the Westboro Baptist Church and unpack what the bible really says about being LGBTQ+. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so we'll pop up in your feed when we come back...

Jun 17, 2019

You've seen this week's guest, Alex Hooper, on America's Got Talent and Comedy Central's Roast Battle.  This week, Cat and Alex tell the nightmarish story of John Wayne Gacy, and how it's healthy for men to express their emotions (just not through becoming a serial killer. Bottle that up.)